Sunday, April 1, 2018

Don’t Call it Easter

It's Easter Sunday! Have you ever wondered why it's called such? Why not 'Wester', 'Souther', or 'Norther'? No, it was not named because of a particular direction, although a logical mind would say that probably it was named Easter because the sun rises from the east, and the feast is all about 'rising' or 'resurrecting'.

Do you know that the feast was actually named after "Estre", the pagan goddess of 'rising sun of day' whose feast was celebrated in early years on April? What an irony! A supposedly christian' feast appellated from a 'pagan' god.

Because of this, Resurrection Sunday I think would be a better name to call this day, in keeping with our remembrance of Jesus' death and resurrection. That is far more worth celebrating!