Monday, January 20, 2014

Start 2014 with Patience

We need to realize that it is all in God’s timing. If we want to move things along, then show God what we’ve learned. If we are responsible with His blessings, Scripture tells us He will give us more. If we waste them, then scripture tells us He will take them away. If things seem hard, and we don’t know why, take a look at James and his example of a farmer. The farmer learns all he can about growing crops and he puts it to use. He isn’t irresponsible with the grain, or the water, or the fertilizer. He does exactly as he needs to, and then waits for God’s timing to produce his crop. You and I may not be farmers, but we might as well be. There are things in this life that we want and need. And more importantly there are things in the next life that we should be looking forward to. Without patience, we won’t see any of them. I pray a generous blessing of God’s mercy and grace on each of you. Be patient, do as God commands, and see how He blesses you for it.
-From the sermon shared by Harold Laubach Jr